Traditional Services – Innovative Solutions

We offer the same core services that other furniture service companies offer: furniture installation, warehousing, delivery, inventory management and other related contract furniture services. What separates us from the rest?

  • We represent tenants in performing a complete furniture decommission process through labor, logistics and disposition
  • We provide four methods of disposition on every project making it a highly operationally efficient method of furniture disposal
  • Our program believes our best financial deal is our client’s best financial deal
  • Our program is a green program by design and the most cost-effective
  • We are the only firm creating jobs for the developmentally disabled










We proactively discover inefficient trends and develop solutions to those complex challenges. Our owner was a pioneer in developing occupied carpet replacement where furniture is raised and carpet tile installed, saving 80% in carpet replacement labor costs. We provide value in our efforts so your facility dollars are allocated to the best end result.

We are committed to exceeding each client’s expectations with solutions and implementation that deliver the results promised.

The corporate values in our original mission written in 2001 remain unchanged. As furniture facility services have changed over the years and encouraged us to modify the language, our vision and passion remain the same.

Eco Tekk Core Values

Our mission is to work with our clients to provide environmentally safe interior solutions and services.


that help create and maintain
interior environments that are healthy, comfortable and safe,
that deliver

the full commitment, professionalism and dedication from our associates,
that are proactive

in managing interior problems and preventing hazardous conditions,
that are respectful
of our environment.

We are committed to exceeding each client’s expectations with consultation and implementation that deliver the results promised.